Sewer Rules & Regulations

The Highland Sewer and Water Authority shall have exclusive charge and management of the Sanitary Sewer System and shall hire and retain such personnel as it shall deem necessary for the operation, maintenance, development and protection thereof.

These Rules and Regulations are a part of the contract with every person, association, firm, corporation, or municipal body who is connected to the Sanitary Sewer System; and, by being so connected, each Customer agrees to be bound hereby.

The Authority Board has the right, in its sole discretion and upon just cause shown, to waive or vary any provision of these Rules and Regulations that it deems to be in the best interests of the Authority and in the fair and efficient operation of the Sanitary Sewer System.

It shall be the duty of the Authority Manager, under the direction of the Authority Board, to see that the Rules and Regulations governing the Sanitary Sewer System, that now or may hereafter be adopted, be properly carried out. He shall have general supervision over all operations and interests of the Sanitary Sewer System. He shall report to the Authority Board at least once a month as to the condition of the Sanitary Sewer System and shall make an annual report to the governing bodies of Geistown Borough and Richland Township and shall perform such other duties as the Authority may prescribe or direct.

Any structure connected to the Sanitary Sewer System of the Authority shall be bound, through the Property Owner, by the provisions of these Rules and Regulations, as from time to time amended by the Authority.

Sewer Rules and Regulations Document