Residential New Construction

To verify that Highland has adequate facilities to serve your proposed building project, all new RESIDENTIAL customers should contact Scott Mulhollen (814) 266-3146, ext. 103 or

In accordance with the provisions of Pennsylvania Act 57, highland charges all new customers a Capacity Fee for their respective share of the capacity within the Authority's water facilities. This is based upon the occupant's projected water usage, calculated in terms of equivalent dwelling units (EDUs). Residential customers will purchase one EDU at a cost of $1059.00 to secure water service.

The cost to tap/connect to Highland's water system is dependent upon the size/diameter of tap requested and what side of the road Highland’s main line is on. Highland’s tap/connection will end with a shutoff/curb stop installed at the road R.O.W. line. Your contractor will connect to that and install the new service line (in accordance with Highland’s specs.) into the building. Pricing is as follows:

Line Size Short Tap Long Tap
3/4" $1,600.00 $1,800.00
1" $1,760.00 $1,980.00
2" $1,920.00 $2,160.00
4" or larger Fee based on time & materials Fee based on time & materials


Sewer EDU fees as well as the cost to connect to Highland’s sanitary sewer system will vary and are dependent upon the drainage basin in which your building site is located. Contact the above mentioned Highland representative to discuss the costs particular to your project and building site.

Scheduling Procedure

An application with payment is required for Highland to provide the actual water and/or sewer tap/connection. Please call Highland at least two weeks in advance to schedule installation of the water and/or sewer lateral, to which your contractor will connect. Highland’s lateral will end at the road R.O.W., or private easement, line. Your contractor will connect thereto and install your private water and or sewer piping system. The buried sanitary sewer piping inside the basement walls are typically referred to as the Building Drain. The buried piping outside the foundation wall is referred to as the Building Sewer.

ATTENTION!- All of your buried piping must be installed as per Highland’s specs and/or the National Plumbing code. All buried piping must be inspected by Highland’s inspector prior to back filling and it must also pass a pressure test, witnessed by Highland’s inspector.

Just inside the wall you will need to prepare your plumbing (in accordance with Highland’s specs.) to accommodate Highland’s water meter. When you are ready for the meter to be installed you will need to complete an application for service. This can be done by contacting our office or using our online application. There will be no fee for this application. After the meter is installed you will be billed at the cost of Time & Material. If your property is more than 150 ft from the water main, in addition to the meter, you will also be required to have meter pit also billed at the cost of Time & Material.

Specifications and Plumbing Diagram of a Typical Residential Water Connection

Specifications and Plumbing Diagram of a Typical Residential Sewer Connection