Pressure Testing Of All Properties Required

In conjunction with the upgrades, completed and/or planned, to the Dornick Point STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) and tributary Trunklines Highland continues with a scheduled rehabilitation plan throughout our piping network tributary to that Johnstown Redevelopment Authority owned sewer system.

In fact, Highland has entered into a Consent Order and Agreement (C.O.A.) with the PaDEP on February 2015, wherein Highland agrees to perform any and all system rehabilitation(s) needed in order to reduce the volume of storm water entering our pipelines thereby reducing the flows we deliver to the JRA owned trunklines. The targeted flow reduction established by the PaDEP is a maximum of 625 GAL./EDU/DAY. (An EDU is the equivalent to a Single Family Home.). By voluntarily entering this C.O.A. customers in the Highland drainage area now receive a lower monthly sewer charge from the Johnstown Redevelopment Authority, for Transportation and Treatment, than customers connected to a sewer system without an approved C.O.A.. Additionally, any Highland customer whose property has passed a Pressure Test will be billed by JRA at its lowest, discounted, monthly sewer charge.

An integral part of this scheduled rehabilitation effort is for all homeowners to demonstrate that their buried pipeline network will not allow the introduction of Infiltration and Inflow (I&I). Each sub-basin has been scheduled for pipeline rehabilitation or replacement and all customers, of all types, will likewise have a schedule by which they need to perform the required pressure testing. This two-pronged approach, of Highland rehabilitating its pipelines along with the customers rehabilitating their pipelines, is the only fool-proof way to bring our system-wide flows down to acceptable levels. For more information on this subject read our “PRESSURE TESTING POSITION PAPER”.

Please note that this scheduled PRESSURE TESTING and the sub-basin rehabilitations pertain to only that part of the Highland Sewer System that flows to the Dornick Point STP, with one exception. Those customers tributary to our Kring Street Trunkline have already been notified of their pressure testing requirement.  A similar effort will be undertaken on the part of the Highland system that flows to the Windber Area Authority owned STP at Ingleside, but no timetable has yet been adopted.

click image below to view an interactive map to see when your area is scheduled for Pressure Testing