Non-Residential Service

If you’re moving into an existing structure your Capacity allotment will be that of the prior customer. Please be advised that Highland conducts an annual Capacity analysis study to determine how many Gallons Per Day (GPD) of Water and/or Sewer Service you will require. Any customers found to have exceeded their Capacity allotment shall be billed for any additional EDUs used. Commercial, Industrial or multi-residential customers most often must pay Capacity fees representing multiple EDUs. 

As a Highland Water Customer your monthly service bill is based on usage in gallons. Highland bills each month and reads its water meters every other month for most all of its customers. If you are a WATER only customer your monthly  bill reflects that month’s charges for WATER SERVICE based on our declining-block rate schedule. (Water Rates)

If you are a Highland Sewer Customer your bill will reflect a Sewer Service charge based on usage, in gallons, from your water meter. Please be aware that Highland does not own or operate a Wastewater Treatment Plant. Instead, Highland’s sewer pipeline network is connected to three separately owned and operated downstream systems that further Transport and ultimately provide SEWAGE TREATMENT for Highland customers. As such, if you are a Highland Sewer customer you will get a monthly sewer bill, for “Collection and Transportation” from Highland based on our declining-block rate schedule (Sewer Rates) and a monthly sewer bill for additional transportation and Treatment from one of those three downstream providers:

Johnstown Sewer System
Forest Hills Municipal Authority
Windber Area Authority

Currently Highland provides the billing services for Windber Area Authority and their charge is shown as a separate line item on your monthly “Water & Sewer Bill”. The other two downstream providers do their own billing and will mail you a monthly bill. Highland has no control over the sewer rates charged by those Sewage Treatment providers.

Please stop in our office or fill out the online application below to sign up for service.   We look forward to serving you!


Online Application:  Click here to fill out a Non-Residential Service Application Online

Printable Application:  Click here to download a Non-Residential Service Application