Why do I get two (2) Sewer Bills, and why doesn't my friend?

Highland does not own or operate a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). Highland does have a sanitary sewer system in the Geistown/Richland area. This pipeline network provides Collection and Transportation for sewage flow, and your Highland Sewer Bill reflects the charges for that service. Highland's sanitary sewer pipeline network connects to three (3) separately owned adjacent sewer systems (Johnstown Regional Sewage, Windber Area Authority, Forest Hills Municipal Authority). These systems further Transport the sewage flows through their pipelines and ultimately to their STP for Treatment. Accordingly, these entities charge for Transportation & Treatment. The three agencies are completely autonomous from Highland and have the right to establish their own rates for the service they provide. The Johnstown Regional Sewage and the Forest Hills Municipal Authority provide their own billing service and mail out a separate sewer bill. Conversely, through a contractual arrangement, Highland provides the Billing service for WAA, and those charges are shown as a separate item on your monthly "Highland" bill.