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Facts & Figures

Highland Sewer and Water Authority provides sanitary sewer service to over 5,500 customers in Geistown Borough and Richland Township and public water supply service to more than 10,000 direct customers throughout 17 municipalities in southeastern Cambria County.  Additionally, Highland provides "bulk" water to 13 smaller water utilities which distribute and re-sell to their direct customers. As such, Highland's water is used by over 40,000 persons, as well as by significant Commercial and Industrial users. 

  1. One gallon of Highland’s water costs only a little over half a penny ($.0055)! Remember that when you consider buying bottled water!
  2. An “average” residential water customer/household in the Highland system is comprised of 2.5 persons, with a daily per capita use of 37 GPCD. Accordingly, an average residential household uses 92.5 gpd, or 2,800 gallons per month.
  3. Highland’s main reservoir, the Beaverdam Reservoir, holds approximately 2,500,000,000 gallons and has a surface area of over 380 acres.
  4. Highland’s water customers, on average, use approximately 4,500,000 gallons per day
  5. Highland’s water system is 22.5 miles from end to end and 7.8 miles wide.
  6. Highland has 275 miles of Water Mains and 115 miles of Sewer Mains.