Contact Us

Sylvia Wagner
 Ext. 115
Adminstrative Assistant

  • email:
  • New water or sewer taps and fees
  • New buildings, meter installations
  • R/W's Agreements, Documents
  • Rules and Regulations

Don Scott
Ext. 102
Assistant Manager 

  • email:
  • Yard Restorations
  • Road Restorations
  • Water quality questions/complaints
  • Front Office Operations

Ed Englehart
 Ext. 101

Scott Mulhollen
 Ext. 103
Systems Director 

Jeremy Horvath
Ext. 105
Assistant Systems Director 

  • email:
  • Sewer Inspections
  • Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) Program
  • Pressure Tests @ Property Transfer
  • Copies of sewer lateral inspections
  • Scheduling Sewer Taps

Ashlie Hildebrand
 Ext. 106
GIS Mapping Technician

Emergency Assistance

Highland does provide emergency assistance 24 hrs./day (7days/week). Just call our normal business phone number (814-266-3146) and the message will be routed to the appropriate On-Call representitive.

However, please try to limit such calls to true emergencies. Additionally, we ask that you limit self-created emergencies through proper planning.

If your planning an after-hours plumbing job on either your water system or sewer system, make sure you know the location of your Curb Stop (shut off valve at the curb) or ViewPort and Cleanout. Curb Stop wrenches can be obtained during normal business hours at the main office by placing a deposit.

NOTICE: Call before you dig! Pennsylvania law requires anyone (customer / contractor) performing excavation work, to call PA One Call (1-800-242-1776 or 8-1-1) three working days prior to such work.