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Beaverdam Reservoir

The Beaverdam Reservoir has been open to the public since July 6, 2000 when the Beaverdam Conservation Group constructed the Parking Lot and Boat Launch Areas.

A Co-Operative agreement was made with the PA Fish and Boat Commission to police the reservoir and enforce all typical PA Fish and Boat Commission laws and regulations as well as additional stipulations by Highland for all activity at the reservoir.

Allowing Highland’s customers and the general public access to the reservoir presents a significant asset to enhance the recreational opportunities and quality of life in our region. With care and effort Public Drinking Water and Public Use can co-exist. The Public’s use also presents an opportunity to increase their awareness of use and protection of our watersheds, today and with future generations. We hope people will enjoy not only the Fishing and Boating, but also the natural beauty, wildlife and scenic views. Highland is proud to present this facility to its customers and the public at large and thereby demonstrate a greater degree of community involvement. All those persons and entities which played a part in this Project should be commended.